What to follow to Share my Collection!
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22/11/2018 02:10:37
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Honorable Admin,

I want to share my music library (about 700 GB's) and has approx. 95000 tracks.
Majority of them are of Lossless, 320kbps (except for rare albums which are really old.) and VBR (none of the "downloaded from YouTube" kinda cheap *censored*s ).
It would take a lot of time to get this entirely , but I'll try as much as I can.

I want to upload -
1. Discographies
2. Unofficial Releases
3. Collages of multiple albums / multiple artists
4. Bangla releases
But individual albums can be requested as well and I'll be glad to look them up.
Users can Use the request feature and then post here.

PS: all of the content is without any copyright violations/infringements.

What would be my needful actions to do so?

Kind Regards

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