Movie Naming/Category - Confusion!
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21/11/2018 08:28:02
(12 weeks ago)
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if i download a movie  or any video then how can i know that which category(like hdrip/webrip webhd) it belongs to

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21/11/2018 11:07:42
(12 weeks ago)
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***You don't have to know actually. Most of the times, it will be written in the title with a specific resolution and ripper name if you download it from good and popular sources unless you change the title yourself before uploading here in CHD.
***But there are some cases where nothing is written in the title and they occur if you download from some streaming sites like Youtube etc. or FTP servers. In these cases, torrents are generally titled as WEBRIP with no ripper name like this:
La Cara Oculta (2011) 720p WEBHD. You may add the video or audio formats (AAC, AVC etc.) to make the title long.
***Hope you got it. Happy uploading.

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