Is free AntiVirus really work??
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20/01/2018 15:46:11
(51 weeks ago)
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I am using computer from 2011. Since then i am using trial version of antivirus. Sometimes its found that trial version is not so bad. But there is a problem with limited trial pereiod. I found that some people are using free version of Antivirus like AVAST, AVIRA.. etc.
Are they really work?? if not then why??
Can anyone give me suggestion which antivirus is perfect for using as personal purpose??

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20/01/2018 22:21:45
(51 weeks ago)
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i heard many people use avast free and avira free version.some of them really like them.but its up to you how you will use them but both are free version so maybe they have some shortcomings.if you don't go on nasty sites and don't download shady files then they will do the job.
if really want use free antivirus then use Microsoft defender and Microsoft essential.both are fully free.many people said they are enough for them.
Now i will tell you what i am using.
eset smart security which is low on memory and its key could be found easily from the net.i don't trust cracked antiviruses.Because i don't want a shady security guard for my cracked apps and games.